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Seal the Deal on Your Terms: Top 15 Reasons to Hire a Mobile Notary Signing Agent in San Diego, CA.

Updated: Dec 27, 2023

Top 15 Reasons to Hire a Mobile Notary Signing Agent in Your Area!

Having a mobile notary signing agent accessible at your fingertips anytime, anywhere is a true convenience to our modern society. There is a plethora of reasons why you would hire a mobile notary public who is also a notary signing agent within your city, state! My name is Kristen, solopreneur of San Diego Notary Signing Agent, offering reliable and accessible mobile notary services at your doorstep locally in San Diego County and nationwide apostille services within all 50 states! Let's explore why the community whether it be a neighbor or a local small business owner would hire a commissioned mobile Notary Public who is also a Notary Signing Agent.

  1. Notary Public versus a Notary Signing Agent: Some brick-and-mortar locations have on staff a commissioned Notary Public. This differs from a Notary Public that is also a Certified Notary Signing Agent. Depending on what your notarization needs are, it's important to understand the difference. A Notary Public is a commissioned Notary through the Secretary of State (California for our example) who has the basic training skill set. As a Certified Notary Signing Agent, a notary is not only commissioned by the state, but undergoes annual training and licensing to specialize in handling various legal documents, particularly those related to real estate transactions. Secondly, a notary public at a brick and mortar are typically not mobile and fulfill this role as a 'daily' task. As a Certified Mobile Notary Public and Notary Signing Agent, mobile services are available and a higher caliber of service is provided due to the continued education and training as a 'career' notary.

  2. Convenience: These days, we all have busy schedules or unable to travel due to health reasons. Having a mobile notary conveniently come to whether it be at your home, office, hospital, or any other location. This eliminates the need for you travel which can be time-consuming and inconvenient if you have limited transportation or mobility.

  3. Flexibility: Yep, seal the deal on your own terms! Book an appointment that is flexible and accommodates your busy work schedule within a given time frame during regular business hours, as well as non-business hours including evenings and weekends.

  4. Time Saving: Mobile Notary Signing Agents save you time by eliminating the need to travel to a traditional notary office. This is valuable for individuals with tight schedules as it streamlines the notarization process and reduces downtime.

  5. Emergency Notarizations: At times, situations call for urgent notarization needs which will require a mobile notary in San Diego to respond quickly. This is useful for time-sensitive documents or when a client has urgency during a hospital stay.

  6. After-Hours Availability: Mobile notaries often offer after-hour services, accommodating a client who may need a last-minute document notarized immediately. Offering after-hour availability is key to a mobile notary service as flexibility is crucial for those with unconventional work schedules or a last minute need that is outside regular business hours.

  7. Confidentiality & Privacy: Offering personable, private mobile notary services in the comfort of your home or office puts clients at ease knowing their personal information is protected which is especially important for sensitive or personal documents.

  8. Document Verification: Mobile notaries are trained to verify the identity of the signatories and ensure they are who they are to sign important documents. This adds an extra layer of security during the notarization process. Be sure to schedule an appointment with a trusted, credible notary public. Ask a neighbor or friend for a referral!

  9. Specialized Notary Services: Having a preferred Certified Notary Signing Agent to handle your various notary needs is key to a streamlined, accurate, and efficient process. These services can include real estate transactions, specialty mobile notary services, estate planning documents, or financial documents to name a few. Having a preferred notary that offers these specialties saves you time searching for one.

  10. Mobile for Special Events: Did you know a mobile notary can be hired for special events, such as administering an oath for a group of new attorneys or handling a particular legal document for homeowner's in a homeowner's association. This can be a convenient solution to assist in a group setting at one location at a specific time versus individual time slots. In addition, the mobile notary public will offer a discounted group rate saving money for each person.

  11. Validation of Documents: Having a notary witness the signing of your documents provides proof that the signatures on the documents are genuine and authentic. This is crucial for legal and financial documents such as agreements, deeds, and contracts as they require proper execution and notarization.

  12. Fraud Protection: A notary public helps prevent fraud by verifying the identity of individuals signing documents, ensuring they are who they claim to be. The notary also confirms that each signer is acting on their own free will and knowingly, deterring unauthorized or coerced signatures. In addition, the notary's seal and signature on the document adds an extra layer of authentication, providing a recognized and traceable mark of legitimacy.

  13. Expertise & Knowledge: Working with a seasoned mobile notary that is credible and trusted will give you peace of mind knowing you are in great hands. They are trained to understand procedures and requirements for a variety of notarizations in a plethora of industries.

  14. Hospital, Assisted Living, Long-Term Care Facility or Nursing Home Services: When a patient at any given facility is immobile or unable to leave their bedside to visit a traditional notary office, having a traveling notary that comes to them is huge to handle their time-sensitive documents such as a health care directive or durable power of attorney.

  15. Legal Compliance: A notary public can ensure that your documents are notarized properly. Commissioned by the state, they have an understanding of the laws and regulations governing notarizations.

In closing, choosing a certified mobile notary signing agent is not just a matter of convenience; it is the key to ensure efficiency and security through the notarization process. By bringing the notary to your location, you save time, gain flexibility, and enjoy a personalized, confidential service. Having an experienced mobile notary signing agent handling a diverse range of legal documents, coupled with the ability to verify identities and prevent fraud, makes them an invaluable asset. When it comes to the notarization process, unlock the door to peace of mind and efficiency by choosing the accessibility and expertise that a mobile notary provides. Your time, security, and the integrity of your documents deserve nothing less.

Let us know how San Diego Notary Signing Agent can be a resource to you and the San Diego community. I'm always happy to answer any basic notary questions or schedule an appointment with you.

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