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Beyond the Stamp: Elevating The Game with a San Diego Notary

Updated: Mar 12

Elevating Notary Excellence: A Dive into Modern Technology

Celebrating two decades in the field, San Diego Notary Signing Agent, established in December 2020, is a seasoned small business that offers a notary experience far beyond the stamp! The recipients of our mobile notary and apostille services extend beyond mere signatories, encompassing the intricacies of direct associations with esteemed entities such as escrow, title, realtors, lenders, loan officers, financial advisors, and wealth management teams. Kristen, the owner of San Diego Notary Signing Agent, brings forth a wealth of expertise and seasoned experience, promising substantive benefits to both the signatories and these vital professional relationships. As a mobile notary, the success of each appointment hinges on a combination of effective communication, meticulous document review, time-saving techniques, and embracing modern technology to master notary work in our modern world. In this blog, we'll explore the key elements that contribute to a successful mobile notary appointment, whether it's for a loan closing, general notary work, or an estate planning package.

Effective client communication is essential for a positive first impression before a notary appointment. Initiating communication with the clients well in advance of the appointment is crucial as it builds rapport and trust. It's important to have a proactive attitude to reach out to clients in advance which typically starts with a phone call to introduce yourself, followed by a text or email confirmation based on their preference. Utilizing multiple channels to ensure accurate details (names, addresses, etc.) and the opportunity to touch the client as often as possible will build trust and enhance the overall notary experience.

Although San Diego Notary Signing Agent has a mobile office, documentation review is preferred on a home PC as it allows for thorough and meticulous review of the documents with greater attention to detail. One of the common pitfalls are misspelled signer's names, suffixes (Jr, Sr., III) or trust language. A successful notary appointment involves a careful review of all documents to catch and rectify any errors, ensuring that all names are spelled correctly and consistently throughout. When the notary exhibit meticulous attention to detail, it not only enhances your professional image, but earns the appreciation of signers, escrow/title professionals, and signing services. It will also prevent an additional trip by catching any mistakes prior to arriving to the appointment which in turn, will save the escrow/title company an additional print fee and travel fee due to the notary. This commitment to precision will be remembered, fostering trust and potentially leading to future appointments. It's also important to ensure notarial certificates comply with your state regulations. Even if the documents pertain to California, verify the correctness of the notarial language. For documents returning out-of-state, pay close attention to the notarial certificates. More often than not, a compliant notarial certificate will need to be attached.

Clients love nothing more than a notary arriving organized and prepared for the appointment. They appreciate an efficient notary who takes in consideration their time as people lead very busy lives. Streamline the signing process by being organized, having documents readily accessible to ensure a smooth signing experience. In addition, carrying all the necessary supplies in a notary bag such as extra blue pens, clipboard, notary certificates and things, contributes to the efficiency of the appointment. This not only minimizes downtime for the signer, but also demonstrates professionalism, leaving the clients satisfied to provide a desired 5-star Google review!

A huge gamechanger for San Diego Notary Signing Agent was the addition of an electronic journal and thumbprinting technology on behalf of Jurat, Inc. This secure, innovative, and compliant (check you state notary law for compliance) tool not only enhances efficiency but is also preferred by past clients over traditional paper journals. The digital journal not only records notarial acts and tracks information securely but saves a minimum of 20 minutes for the signer. On many occasions, the signers will say,"That's it, we are done? I've never done such a quick, efficient signing ever before!" The e-journal and thumbprint scanner simplify the process with a single entry (one signature/ one thumbprint) eliminating ink residue on the signer's finger. Additionally, it provides email confirmation, offering signers a detailed record of notarized documents - a significant improvement over traditional methods. The signer truly feels like they've gained your trust knowing they have a record of their notarization. Having modern technology in the hands of a notary is golden ensuring future repeat business!

Although In-Person Electronic Notarization has been slow to adopt in California, it's been around and approved for years. Also known as 'IPEN', a notary can conduct notarizations electronically in the physical presence of the signer on a tablet with a digital notary stamp. Instead of signing on traditional paper, the signer would sign a forensically verifiable signature on a tablet to streamline the process, reduce paperwork (saving our trees!), and enhances the overall efficiency of the notary appointment. Enhancing security, the electronic system reduces the risk of fraud during transit. It ensures no overlooked signature lines before finalizing the signing, minimizing the chance of missing elements - unlike traditional paper packages that may arrive incomplete (missing signatures, initials, or a notary stamp). Additionally, the electronic process accelerates turn times by swiftly submitting electronically signed documents to escrow and lender in real-time, expediting loan closures compared to traditional methods. I have my fingers crossed that escrow and title companies will hop onboard once they see the value that this software offers.

Lastly, the notary landscape is ever-evolving, with changes in laws and technology. Working with a notary that is 'in the know' and stays informed about the latest updates, attending relevant training, and actively attends continued education programs will only enhance the notary experience with the client. As they say, "Knowledge is Power" and being a resource to the community will add value in so many ways.

In conclusion, a successful mobile notary appointment is a result of a combination of factors to elevate the notary experience for the client; effective communication, meticulous document review, time-saving techniques, and embracing modern technology. When you find a notary that is more than just a stamp, leverage it so you can provide specialty mobile notary services to your clients. Having a preferred notary as an extension of your team will only enhance your business by building a trust and adding value to your clients and the community.

Feel free to reach out to San Diego Notary Signing Agent as I'd be happy to discuss the highlights in the blog with you or the opportunity to be your preferred notary in San Diego County.

Kristen Weiss

Notary Since 2002 NNA Ambassador®

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