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San Diego Witness Services
(No notarization required)

Notarial Witnessing Services- San Diego Notary Signing Agent

A signer may be required to have a witness present for a document to be signed, verification of identity or the possibility that the signer doesn’t have valid identification.


Having a witness is an added layer of credibility during the signing process and may be required depending on what type of document needs to be notarized.


Witnesses are often required for official or legal documents such as wills and deeds, to ensure that the signer is who they say they are and that they are signing the document voluntarily and with full knowledge of its contents.


Keep in mind, both the signers and witness(es) need to present current and valid IDs.

Depending on the document, it may require just a notary or witness, or may require both a notary and witnesses. Witness must be a neutral party and should not have any personal or financial gain in the document being signed, however, the witness(es) should know the signer.

  • Power of Attorney – Requires a notary only, a notary with two witnesses or two witnesses only

  • Living Will (CA) – Requires one or two witnesses (no notary public required)

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