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About Notary Public, Kristen

Kristen Weiss, San Diego Notary Signing Agent

Although Kristen was born on the East Coast, she has been living in California for most of her life and considers San Diego her home for the last 18 years with her family. If she isn't out notarizing, she loves spending time with her family, or you can catch her enjoying yoga or attending a music festival. Kristen's background and experience over the last 20 years has been established in the real estate industry serving the community as a notary public part-time as well as working in the retail | wholesale side of mortgage lending. She also brings extensive knowledge from her background providing executive senior level support in wealth management. After 20 years, Kristen found herself wanting more from her career path and organically established San Diego Notary Signing Agent. It was important for Kristen to be in alignment not only with her profession, but something that fit into her lifestyle offering flexibility and creatability. By being pushed out of her comfort zone, the opportunity arose that became the driving force to step into entrepreneurship with passion and purpose.  Kristen was more excited than ever to take her mobile notary business to the next level. She is passionate about helping others and serving as a valuable asset to her community, playing a crucial part in numerous clients' journeys towards homeownership or safeguarding their family's legacy. Kristen takes her time at every notary appointment and is extremely welcoming. She is not only very accommodating with the elderly and children, but she is extremely personable and patient. Pets are always welcomed, and Kristen loves to engage with your furry loved ones. Your pet might be sitting on her lap within 5 minutes of the appointment!  Whether you need mobile notary services for a residential or commercial loan closing, a power of attorney document, or the need for an apostille, San Diego Notary Signing Agent offers all-inclusive services for all your needs.

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